Do You Need a Milwaukee Short Sale Attorney?

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When Kelbel Law Offices, LLC handles your short sale, you get an advocate fighting to help get your short sale approved. Our Milwuakee short sale lawyer knows how overwhelming the short sales process can be. We use our skill, experience, and knowledge to help make the process as easy and straightforward as possible.

What Can You Expect When Working with KLO?

  1. We make sure to limit your responsibility as a seller.
  2. We fight hard to protect clients from lawsuits from mortgage lenders.
  3. We provide client-focused services and guidance from start to finish.
  4. Our lawyer personally handles all collection calls from the lender, not you.
  5. Our attorney is readily available to answer all foreclosure and short sale questions throughout the entirety of your process.
  6. Our attorney negotiates hard with the lender to obtain a complete waiver of the deficiency amount of the short sale.

Time is of the essence; don’t wait another moment to get the help you need. Call KLO at (414) 375-0966 to request your FREE case evaluation.

Can you no longer afford your home?

Are you no longer able to afford your home? Have you defaulted on your mortgage and is foreclosure on the horizon? If you want to avoid foreclosure but can't sell your home for what you owe on your mortgage, then you may qualify for a short sale!

When you choose to work with KLO, you don't need to research a realtor because we have everything you need in one place.

At Kelbel Law Offices, LLC, we have both experienced realtors and Milwaukee short sale attorneys under one roof. Our realtors work hand-in-hand with our lawyers to get your short sale approved. To limit stress, you can trust in KLO to handle all necessary communications with the bank on your behalf and consistently follow-up with your lender.

We Even Help Our Clients After the Short Sale Deal Has Been Settled

Our Milwaukee short sales lawyer has handled countless short sales and we are experienced in the process. This means we know what every lender will need to work the short sale file.

Once your short sale is complete we:

  • Assist with credit repair so you can one day own another home.
  • Ensure your credit report is updated to show that the mortgage was closed and paid.
  • Negotiate settlements with any second mortgage loans (if necessary) and try to negotiate an outright forgiveness on the second mortgage debt.

We are a full service debt relief firm, meaning we can also assist you with any other financing hardship; for example, eliminating medical debt, credit card debt, or business debts. No deal is too big or too small for our firm. We also have an excellent credit repair program that can assist you with increasing your credit score so you can get back in the game as fast as possible.

Save Time & Money by Choosing KLO Today

If your home is at risk of foreclosure, contacting KLO today may be the best decision you make for your case. We gladly offer free consultations for every short sale client, and we offer free financial analysis to see if a short sale is a good option for you.

For tailored legal solutions to your current case, contact KLO at (414) 375-0966.