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The Benefits of Debt Settlement

Counsel from a Trusted Milwaukee Debt Relief Attorney

At Kelbel Law Offices we offer those struggling to pay off debt several options for debt relief. Of those, debt settlement may be the right one for you and your financial future. This option gives consumers a number of different benefits that other options—such as bankruptcy—do not provide. At Kelbel Law Offices, LLC, our skilled and dedicated Milwaukee debt relief lawyer can offer an illuminating view of this process, assess your circumstances, and ensure that you capitalize on every one of these benefits available.

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What are the benefits of debt settlement?

Debt settlement is a process of debt reduction whereby the debtor and creditor come to an agreement on a reduced balance which is then regarded as payment in full. Debts eligible for settlement include credit card debt, IRS debt, personal loans, business credit cards, business loans, mortgage deficiencies, lease agreements, and many others. For a comprehensive list of eligible debts, see our debt settlement page.

Benefits of debt settlement include:

  • A more accommodating payment amounts, interest rates, schedules
  • Sooner end of your debt (repayment occurs over 1-2 year average)
  • Pay debt back at a fraction of what is owed
  • The end of creditor harassment
  • Protection of assets
  • Bankruptcy avoidance
  • No public record of anything
  • Minimized damage to your credit
  • Peace of mind

Why do I need a lawyer?

There are credit counseling agencies and debt settlement companies that offer debt settlement services. However, these companies charge very hefty fees and they are not lawyers. They also are often not transparent about their practices, and they often leave consumers unprotected during the debt settlement process.

A debt settlement lawyer:

  • Can navigate tough negotiations with your creditors
  • Can review any debt settlement alternatives with you
  • Can alert you to any risks or foreseen complications
  • Can aggressively negotiate the lowest possible settlements
  • Can represent you if a creditor sues for the remainder of your debt
  • Can make sure your settlement protects you in the long-term
  • Can take action if the creditor continues to harass you
  • Can help resolve nearly any debt complication that arises
  • Can ensure your best interests are always a priority

If you believe that debt settlement is the best option for you, contact us at Kelbel Law Offices, LLC today. We are ready to hear your story and start taking action towards the swiftest and most accommodating debt solutions possible.

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