Licensed Real Estate Broker

If you are facing the loss of your home, Attorney Kelbel has the knowledge concerning real estate and other complex legal issues. As a licensed real estate broker, she has the credentials to help you through this difficult time.

FAQ - Credit Repair

  • Can credit be too bad to fix?

    Not at all. We can help anyone with a low credit score. Our firm is able to help increase your credit score and add positive items to your credit profile. We can also help you resolve any outstanding debt as well.
  • How long will it take to get my credit repaired?

    On average, it takes around 90 days to see improvements to your credit score.
  • When my credit score changes, what increase can I expect to see?

    Every case is different. However, the average credit score increase ranges between 75 and 125 points.

  • Do you use generic letters?

    We pride ourselves on offering personalized service. Therefore, we use a customized letter that is specific to each individual.
  • Can you get collection or other negative items deleted?

    Negative items can indeed be deleted from your credit profile; however, they come at a price. You must pay for negative items to be deleted once we negotiate the deletion.

FAQ - Debt Settlement

  • Is debt settlement a form of bankruptcy?

    Debt settlement and bankruptcy are completely unrelated.

  • Will debt settlement effect a car or home loan?

    No it will not. Debt settlement only pertains to specific unsecured debts actually being settled.

  • What sort of settlement should I expect?

    Most of our settlements we negotiate fall within the 20-40% range. Meaning you only pay back 20-40% of your balance. However, each debt settlement is different, so please contact us to get specific figures.

  • How long does debt settlement take?

    On average, debt settlement cases take an average of 12 months. However, in some cases, debts can be settled with 6-8 months.
  • What type of debts do you handle?

    Our firm is experienced to handle the following types of debt:

    • Business credit cards
    • Business loans
    • Credit card debt
    • Internal Revenue Service debt
    • Lease agreements
    • Lines of credit
    • Medical debt
    • Mortgage deficiencies
    • Personal loans
    • Payday loans
    • Collections
    • Judgments
    • Second mortgages
    • State tax debt
    • Vehicle repossessions
  • How will this affect my credit?

    Ultimately, eliminating your debt will have an exponential influence on your credit score. Expect significant increases to your credit score when your debt is eliminated.

FAQ - Short Sales

  • Is a short sale a foreclosure?

    No, it is actually the exact opposite. A short sale is a way to avoid a foreclosure.

  • How long do short sales generally take?

    Though every case is different, the average is about 4 months.

  • Who will communicate with the bank?

    Our firm will handle all communication with the banks, including document submissions.

  • Do I have to find my own real estate agent?

    No you do not because we have a licensed real estate broker in-house.
  • Will I owe the difference between what I owe to the bank and what the house sells for?

    We do our best to protect our clients from owing any deficiency. We fight tirelessly to negotiate a deficiency waiver for our client’s short sales.

  • Am I eligible for a short sale?

    Everyone faces a different financial situation. It is imperative that you contact our firm today to discuss your financial situation with us so we can put together a persuasive hardship package on your behalf.

  • Should I have an attorney review the paperwork?

    Absolutely. We encourage our clients to refrain from signing any documents until an attorney has thoroughly reviewed the paperwork.