Licensed Real Estate Broker

If you are facing the loss of your home, Attorney Kelbel has the knowledge concerning real estate and other complex legal issues. As a licensed real estate broker, she has the credentials to help you through this difficult time.

Why You Need a Lawyer from Kelbel Law Offices for Your Short Sale

Short sales can be an effective and favorable option for those who are in debt and are struggling to pay their mortgage. In these sales, lenders agree to accept an amount less than the borrower owes—which is paid via the sale of the borrower's property.

While these sales allow for many borrowers move on with their lives free of debt, the short sale process is not always an easy one. It requires negotiation, thorough attention to detail, and careful legal navigation. Borrowers have a lot of choices in assistance when considering a short sale, but here at Kelbel Law Offices, LLC, our Milwaukee debt relief attorney offers insight as both knowledgeable legal counsel and a licensed real estate broker.

Just a few of the benefits our firm can provide your short sale:

  • Sound legal advice from a licensed realtor who is also an attorney
  • Tough, but pragmatic negotiation with lenders over sale terms
  • Release of personal liability and prevention of a deficiency judgement
  • Foreclosure dismissal upon the approval of the short sale
  • Assurances that none of the terms allow the lender to later collect more money
  • Thorough review of all title documentation
  • Adept negotiation of waivers of deficiencies in short sale cases
  • Careful vetting of all offers to purchase the property
  • Termination of lender collection calls and communications
  • Accessible, reliable legal guidance through every step of the process
  • Peace of mind

If you would like to learn more about the short sale process and how a successful short sale can help you move on from your debt, then we invite you to call us at Kelbel Law Offices, LLC today. We have countless times helped Milwaukee individuals, couples, and families find common ground with their lenders and allowed them to enter the next chapter of their lives with renewed financial security.

It is possible to face the short sale process with confidence. Start today by scheduling a free consultation with our firm.