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If you are facing the loss of your home, Attorney Kelbel has the knowledge concerning real estate and other complex legal issues. As a licensed real estate broker, she has the credentials to help you through this difficult time.

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Milwaukee Debt Relief Lawyer

Compassionate Representation in Your Time of Need

Few things can make a person feel more isolated and alone than dealing with the struggle of debt. Unfortunately, life can present unexpected situations that are far beyond people's control. Perhaps you are struggling with the aftermath of a contested divorce. Maybe you are dealing with the overwhelming financial burden of a medical trauma, accident, or illness. Perhaps you are trying to recover from a failed business venture. No matter what events led to your current situation, you can rest assured that a Milwaukee debt relief lawyer at Kelbel Law Offices can help you, and we can help pave the way to your debt relief.

There's a new day dawning. It is time to stop living in the past and dwelling on events that led up to your current predicament. With the right legal representation on your side, you can work to eliminate your debt, stay in your home, and get a fresh start toward a brighter financial future.

Kelbel Law Offices Voted Clients' Choice

Kelbel Law Offices is a boutique law firm that packs the punch of a big firm. We pride ourselves on offering personal and individualized service to our clients and we are not afraid to go the distance on their behalf to help secure the best possible result. As a testament to this fact, our hard work and commitment has been recognized by many of our past clients.

We have earned the Clients' Choice Award from Avvo, Inc. in light of our dedication to the following:

  • Helping you avoid costly lawsuits
  • Defending your home from foreclosure
  • Stopping debt collector abuse or wage garnishments
  • Listening intently to your concerns and finding effective remedies
  • Informing you of ways to make positive changes so that you can start living again

Eliminate Your Debt & Find Hope Once Again

Are collection agencies consistently hounding you for money? Do you fear that your home is at risk of foreclosure because you have defaulted on your mortgage payments? Do not think that your situation is hopeless. In fact, our firm is adept at finding unique and creative solutions that help our clients end their stress, eliminate their debt, and rebuild their credit once again.

We can represent consumers and homeowners in a range of issues pertaining to debt relief, including:

No debt relief strategy will be the same for every client. No matter how complex or how contentious your case may seem, however, you can rest assured that a Milwaukee debt relief attorney from our firm will have the skill and legal prowess to welcome and assess any challenge your case may bring. We can help you find a solution and provide advice that you can follow.

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